Before I die...

Before I Die at
Wolverhampton University

ORGANIZED BY Jo Rooney and Deb Shelley

Fine art students Jo Rooney and Deb Shelley are preparing to construct a 170 ft./ 52 meter long Before I Die wall on June 11th! The wall will be built on the same street that the Olympic torch will be carried down. Jo and Deb say that the city of Wolverhampton has "seen its unemployment figures soar to a record high with so many shop fronts and houses being boarded up daily". They believe the community of Wolverhampton needs Before I Die to its share hopes, dreams and aspirations with one another. Photos coming soon!

Made with love by Jo Rooney, Deb Shelley, Candy Chang and Civic Center.

Opened June 11, 2012

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Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

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