Before I die...

Before I Die in
Zürich, Switzerland

Organized by a creative group of friends who are interested in using public space to get to know our community better

In our city where people are mindful of each others privacy, we very often keep to ourselves.  This project has offered us a great opportunity to get to know the people around us better, to give us a chance to open up and share some of our dreams.  It's nice to learn what people want to do and feel more connected to this community that we all share.

The wall is located on a storefront window at Hallwylstrasse 24 in Zürich.  It went up on the morning of January 14th and will stay up as long as people keep stopping by to share their hopes and dreams.

Join the discussion in Zürich as part of our facebook group:

This wall was born in January, 2013.

Made with love by Assem, Dana, Lihi, and Markus

“Before I die I want to learn how to be OK with it.”
“Before I die I want to do all the things that Vicki couldn’t. You will be missed, my friend.”
“Before I die I want to fall totally in love with the Universe.”