Before I die...

Before I Die in
Winnipeg, Canada

Organized by Friends in the West End Neighbourhood

This wall is on the north-east corner of Maryland Street and Ellice Avenue, on the side of the Spence Neighbourhood Association building, facing Maryland. If you are driving on Maryland (one-way south) and are stopped at the lights at Ellice, look to your left.

Larry was stumbling his interests on StumbleUpon one winter day and the Before I Die page popped up. They had him at "want".

We built the wall on Saturday, July 21, 2012. We plan to leave it up until September.

This wall was born in July, 2012.

Made with love by Larry & Ida-Lynn Gregan, their children Amanda and Nolan, Wade & Penny Kovacs, and their son Ethan

Amanda, Nolan, and Penny rolling the blackboard paint
Amanda and Nolan supervising Larry and Wade
The Crew: l to r, front row: Nolan, Amanda; back row: Wade, Penny, Ida-Lynn, Larry,...
...and Ethan.
“Before I die I want to be West Side (a gang).”
“Before I die I want to know my sons have HOPE.”