Before I die...

Before I Die in
Detroit, Michigan

Organized by Rebecca Bucky Willis

The We Need wall is one of many public art installations completed by Bucky as part of her Master's of Architecture thesis research at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture in 2012. Her research and Bleeding Heart Design street art installation series focused on altruistic design and processes that could spur selfless characteristics within the people who view the street art.

Made with love by Bucky and a small group of awesome volunteers! Bucky created the We Need wall on the east side of Detroit in her own neighborhood which is peppered with abandoned properties and blight. The We Need wall was created to inspire the residents of the community to think more altruistically and consider the needs of others as well as themselves as they pursue happiness. The meaning of the word “we” is subject to the participant’s state of view. In all instances it includes more than just themselves and reminds them of the sects they categorize themselves in. The overall goal of the wall is to remind the people who see it to think selflessly.

It didn't take long for the wall to fill up with lots of different responses.